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PE Partners

We have been working with Sam to focus on partner protocols this week. It has helped us to be collaborative, one of our key KASE skills, and communicate effectively in a variety of ways. It was tricky not to always use our voices but communicate with actions. We also had to solve problems and develop solutions using our balancing and bodies. 

PE Partner work

Tangeroa's Gift

In both Year 2 classes we have been working on the story of Tangeroa's gift. This has been a story from New Zealand as we have been looking at the 7 continents of the world. We have learnt the story and we have retold it. But now we have tweaked it to create our own versions. The children have been focused on starting sentences in different ways, using noun phrases to describe and capital letters and full stops.

Figuring out human and physical features.

Working in teams we have looked at the different pictures we were given and discussed which ones were physical features (they are part of the landscape) and which were human features (affected or made by people). 

Human and Physical Geography

Place Value Maths


Concrete, pictoral and abstract methods are a key part of our maths curriculum in Abbeywood. We use concrete materials all the way through school to physically represent numbers. Here you can see Y2 have been using place value counters to develop their understanding of bigger numbers, their value and the difference between 10s and 1s. This is a crucial part of our learning experience.

Place Value