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Remember, if you have any worries or concerns you can always get hold of someone to help at:


Or phone 01527 585 580 and ask for a member of the Safeguarding Team: Mr. Dathan, Mrs Mcleod or Mrs Reynolds


Or you can contact Childern's serrvices through:




Stay Safe & Share responsibly

Don’t give out your personal information people you don’t know! Be careful what you share and always ask permission if someone else is in your photos or videos.

Manage your privacy

If you’re using an app or website that can communicate with with others, turn on privacy! Only let people who you really know follow you. Click the logos to find out how to make your account safe.


Whatsapp        SnapChat     Facebook       Instagram       TikTok  


Accepting messages

Don’t accept messages, pictures or files from anyone you do not know. If you’re ever worried about something you have received, ask an adult.


Respecting others

Be kind! If you receive any nasty messages online, tell an adult!


Tell someone

Tell an adult if something or someone makes you feel worried or uncomfortable.






ThinkUKnow are there to give advice and teach you about staying safe online and offline.

ThinkUKnow Website






Childline is a free helpline! You can contact Childline about anything. No problem is too big or small. Whatever your worry, it better out that in.

Childline Website
Online Advice


Is someone being weird online? Are you or someone you know being sexually abused? Do you feel under pressure to do something you don’t want to do? You can contact CEOP for help.

CEOP Website
Make a report



Parent Support

Guidance for accessing Home Learning SharePoints.

Free-School Meals Application Form

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