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Here you will find a brief overview of the curriculum content of each year group in the school. At Abbeywood, we aim to develop our learners' oracy skills to enable and empower them to use their voices in all manner of ways. They learn to talk well and learn well through talk.


At home, regularly discussing the learning that has taken place in school will enable children to use the key vocabulary they will be introduced to, to talk like (and become) experts. Each time they reflect on their learning to tell you about it, their brains will need to retrieve what is relevant to explain it to you. The more their brains have to get that information to process it, the more likely it is to stay in their long-term memory for good. For this reason, one of the most powerful aids to support your child's learning is to talk with your child about their learning. Take a look at the overview and discuss what children can remember from their day or from a specific subject.


We know you are all so supportive, but we also are aware we all lead busy lives. A few minutes a day in discussion, however, can make a huge difference.