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Maths- Every Child Counts Interventions



Numbers Count lessons are taught by Mrs F Edwards a specially trained teacher. The children work individually or in groups of 2 or 3. After an initial assessment the teacher carefully plans individually tailored lessons for each child. Rigorous, active lessons focus on number and calculation, helping learners to develop skills and attitudes that will ensure good progress in class lessons. The teacher liaises with parents and shares their specialist knowledge with colleagues informally and through structured CPD, raising standards for all learners.


  • At Abbeywood children taking part in Numbers Count on average make a Number Age gain of 17 months in only 4 months – over 4 times the expected progress.

Information for Parents and Carers

Comments about Numbers Count



"Her confidence has grown hugely as well as her understanding of numerical value. We have noticed a huge improvement in both her ability and her enjoyment of maths." 


"He has come a long way with his maths. He likes doing lots of sums at home. I'm really happy that he enjoys it and continues to do well. I'm grateful that the teachers have given him more confidence with his maths." 



"He has absolutely wowed me this year. He is determined to do well in maths and really gives it a go. He shows real focus and now willingly joins in on the carpet during maths."


"She is willing to  have a go and now demonstrates greater understanding in each operation."


"He is beginning to apply some of the work he is doing into lessons. He also has a better recollection of numbers."


"She is a lot more confident to contribute in mathematics, particularly when she is explaining how she tackled a problem. She is more secure in her number facts. Overall, I have seen a huge improvement in her attitude to maths since attending Numbers Count."



1st Class@Number


Mrs J Cooke is a specially trained teaching assistant and she delivers up to 30 half-hour sessions to a groups of 2 children. The children continue to take part in their normal class mathematics lessons.

The lessons focus on number and calculation, developing children’s mathematical understanding, communication and reasoning skills.  Stimulating, enjoyable games and activities engage the children and build their confidence. Each topic starts with a simple assessment that helps the Mrs Cooke to tailor sessions to the children’s needs.


  •  The children who took part in 1st Class@Number at Abbeywood during the 2017/18 Academic year made an average number age gain of 19.5 months.  
Parents and Carers

Becoming 1st Class@Number

This a new programme at Abbewyood and Mrs White and Mrs Edwards are currently working with their first cohort of children.

Becoming 1stClass@Number is a small group intervention for children in Year 1 who need further support to secure the Early Learning Goal for Number. This has been carefully structured to develop and deepen children’s number sense in relation to numbers up to 20.




Mrs Edwards is trained to teach this intervention programme. Success@Arithmetic is a light touch calculation-based intervention for learners in Key Stage 2 who have difficulties with arithmetic proficiency and need support to improve their understanding of number and written calculation skills. It helps them to make faster progress and to catch up with their peers through a mastery approach. 


  • During the academic year 2017/18 the children at Abbeywood who took part in success@arithmetic made an average Number Age gain of 21 months. 





Talk 4 Number comprises 24 sessions, each lasting about 30 minutes. The sessions help pupils to understand and talk confidently about numbers and calculations in a wide range of contexts and to strengthen their reflective and metacognitive skills. It is delivered to a group of 4 pupils by a trained teaching assistant or Mrs Edwards. 


  • During the 2017/18 academic year children at Abbeywood made and average Number Age gain of 14 months.

NIP -Numicon Intervention Programme

Mrs Langford is trained to teach this new intervention programme.

NIP is a light touch intervention aimed at children in Yr 2 and above who have difficulties with key aspects of number and calculation. The programme is based on a multi-sensory approach to children’s mathematical learning that emphasizes communicating mathematically, exploring relationships and developing patterns. Children will have 2-3 lessons a week, in groups of 2-4, taught by a specially trained Teaching Assistant. NIP aims to develop the skills and understanding children need to successfully participate in their class maths lessons.