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Spring Term 2022

Easter bunny! 🐰

Roman Military Technology and Tactics

British Science Week

We had so much fun learning about a wide range of scientific topics.

Monday - Marble Run Competition! We designed and created a 'marble run', learning about friction and gravity. 

Tuesday - Geologist (virtual) visit! Chris explained his job as a geologist. He talked about different rock formations and answered all our questions. Then, we put all this knowledge into fact files to inform others of the importance of rocks in our everyday life.

Wednesday - Vet nurse visit and exercising with 'Born to move'.

Sue, from 'Happy hoppers', talked about her role, rabbits' needs and fun facts about these cute creatures.

Kim and Kellie led some choreographies and we all ended up very sweaty. It was great to talk about how our bodies feel before, during and after exercise.

Thursday - We learnt about life cycles with NFU (National Farmers' Union). We loved learning about lambing and watching a calf being born live. It took seconds to be standing up!

Friday - We watched egg hatching live!








PE - Play Leaders


Science - Measuring forces

As scientists, we have been learning about forces. Today we measured the force needed to pull objects

by reading the scale on a Newton meter.




World Book Day!




Maths - Money

This week we used coins and notes to count pence and pounds. We spotted differences between the coins, ordered these and compared amounts. We enjoyed finding various ways to make the same amount.





Computing - Programming with Lego WeDo 2.0





PE - Curling





As historians, we have been making links between a range of primary and secondary sources and we have been discussing what we can learn about the Romans from these clues.





As scientists, this term we are learning about forces. We have been exploring contact forces and how resistance can affect the motion of an object. Here you can see some pictures of us completing a fair test about how different surfaces have higher or lower resistance. We enjoyed measuring the distances and comparing the resistance using scientific vocabulary.







PE - Marathon Kids and Invasion Games

Art - Exploring printmaking using rollers, paint and textures🎨

Board Games Club