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Summer Term

Summer 2018

This terms theme is based on 'Journeys'.  Who knows where this will take us.. but as we found out last term anything is possible.

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Summer 2017

This terms theme is Take One Picture.  

The children were presented with the following image and off they went.  Each class will take it in a different direction.  Check out the class pages to find out more.

Summer 2016


The Great British...

With so much going on this summer it would be a shame not to celebrate all things British.  From the Great British Garden to Great British Inventions we will be exploring the best of British.

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Our school theme this term is 'It's a mystery...' The children will be investigating mysteries in a range of contexts, applying their skills to problem solving, asking and answering questions and drawing conclusions. Come along and test out your detective skills on Tuesday 7th July at our showcase event where the children will share their learning with you.

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