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Testimonials from our courses and events



Planning and teaching for depth – January/February 2019


“Very useful in terms of thinking about lesson design and planning”

“Useful for planning at all age ranges and subject backgrounds”

“I found the model planning/sequence very useful to demonstrate how greater depth thinking can be broken down into concise and manageable parts”

“It was delivered passionately which inspires and reignites the why teach/how to teach!”

“Useful, thought-provoking day”

“Very informative and relevant – fresh!”


“An excellent event. Lots of ideas in context”

“Extremely useful and highly recommended”

“Hands on, engaging, challenging own thinking ways to apply”



Expanding Mathematics Subject Knowledge – over 4 sessions


“Very helpful when in practice to relate to experience”

“Very helpful and useful in planning for activities within lessons to tackle misconceptions and greater depth resources”

“Incredibly relevant and the skills/ideas are completely transferable”

“Very useful looking at lessons from a different angle, using a range of different websites and resources to make maths challenge for all”

“Useful across year groups. Can actually be implemented in the classrooms”

“It was excellent”



Governance Courses


“Well worth attending”

“An excellent initial insight into the complexities and review of evidence on data and what it says about school”

 “Enjoyed the whole thing.  A great overview of effective governance”

“Very engaging and interactive”

"Clear delivery of information – well explained”

“Very well delivered”

“Good investment of time”

“Very positive”

“The coverage and presentation was excellent”

“Great venue”



Headteacher’s Conference - Chateau Impney

January 2019


“Useful and a great opportunity to network – another one please!”

“The honest delivery was refreshing and the directness gives clear perspective”

“A most enjoyable day”

“It is an approach that we can adopt and make work.  It will improve our provision”

“Positive and realistic”

“Clear delivery of key points”

“Excellent and motivating”

“Very practical and easy to think about application of practice to a variety of settings eg. Primary/secondary.  Engaging and motivational”

“Relevant to current issues, but also practical and made sense”

“Inspiring, creative approach to the curriculum”

“Very professional – exactly what we needed!”

“Good, concise and clear”

“Very good.  Getting us back to the core of teaching!”

“Will go to the next one”


“Encourage them all to attend the next one!”



Bar Modelling course


“Very informative and highly engaging”

“Fun, engaging with humour.  Good strategies and resources shown to use with the children”

“Very interesting and made me think!”

“I found it very useful learning how to simplify more difficult questions by using bar models”

“Interesting, especially to develop concrete and pictorial approaches to reasoning”

“Very hands on, open discussion”

“Looking at bar models for more complex problems was interesting”