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Welcome to Autumn Term


Our learning journey this term will be all about communicating effectively with the title 'spreading the Word'. We are connecting our individual subjects such as History, Art and DT through the idea that all learners need to be good communicators to work effectively. 

Partitioning in maths

Marvellous Maths

We have been working hard on place value in maths. We have been looking at the different ways we can partition the same number. It was tricky at first but we used our resources to help us calculate effectively. Elm class really showed their self -regulation which is one of our KASE skills! Great job!

Trying Techniques in Art

Art can used to communicate in different ways. We were inspired by the art work of Beth Krommes an American story book illustrator and artist. We focused on building our skills when applying paint in different ways on different surfaces.

The new vocabulary we explored included tone, texture, monochrome and pressure. 

As a class, we layered paper and glue to trial different ways to apply paint; dotting, cross-hatching and smudging. This will all contribute to our final piece later on this term. 

Archery and the Colour Games

Elm Class does Archery

Elm have worked really hard over the last two weeks trying out a new sport! We have been working on our Archery skills and it was brilliant. This inclusive and safe sport takes precision and accuracy which many of Elm class had in spade! I absolutely loved seeing them supporting each other and coaching each other to succeed using their KASE Empathy attribute so amazingly!