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Photos from emails 13/7/2020

Michael's tigger!
Thanks Kaidan and Michael!
Michael's artwork
Michael's art
Kaidan's concentrating face!
Michael's spellings.
Someone's had a haircut!
Kaidan's science
Doing what he loves...
Michael's fab artwork!
Emmy feeding ducks at her Grandad's house.
Can you spot a grasshopper?!
Pip's potato harvest!
Puzzle time!
Michael working hard!

Aboriginal Art - Miss Resuggan had a go!! Where is yours?

Photos from emails w.c 6/7/2020

Emmy's art this week!
Michael's backward spelling!
Michael's Australia facts!
WOW! That's quick!
Michael's bag for life design.
Michael's butterfly life cycle.

Photos from emails w.c 29/6/2020

Michael's pyramid spelling.
Michael has a maths booklet.
Emmy and her sister try out the science.
Emmy made an apple crumble this morning!
Emmy's science observations.
Emmy's science
Can you beat Michael's time?
Michael's life cycle of a butterfly findings.
Emmy is our home learner hero this week!
Michael's maths.
Michael's bug house still looks great!
Bug hunt.
Michael's grid method.
Michael's puddle science.
No puddle!

Photos from w.c 22/6/2020

Michael trying the science experiments.
Michael's scientific writing.
Michael's brilliant bag design.
Pip had a well earned rest!
I'm so jealous!!
Pip gets the home learner hero award this week!
A future basketballer in the making...
Michael's fox design.
Michael's daily maths.
A very proud Michael.
Science by Michael.
Meet Eddie's new sister!
Michael's speedy speed tables!
Emmy's daily maths.
Emmy's spellings
Emmy's Olympic work.

Photos from w.c 15/6/2020

Zakk's daily maths.
Zakk's diary entries!
Great spelling practice Zakk.
Zakk's answers to the quiz.
Chloe received the Bubble certificate for PE!
Michael's daily maths.
Michael keeps challenging himself.  Well done!
Pip's wonderful certificates!
Phillipa has been learning to tell the time.
Michael's quiz answers.
Michael's daily maths.
Michael has earned the 1st home learner hero award

Photos from w.c 8/6/20

The overgrown school pond last week.
My job was to clear the pond for the 38 frogs!
Michael's Ready, Steady Go maths!
Michael got 9/9 on his weekly spellings!
Emmy planted sweet peas.
Emmy discovered many facts.
Emmy's chocolate spread inventions!
Michael's new Olympic design
Can you beat Michael's time?
Michael and his gold medal!
Michael's extra maths.
Michael's Olympic headdress
Michael's mental maths completed.
Michael has challenged himself with his spellings
Michael's work.

Photos from wc 1/6/20

Miss Pretty's new puppy called Bert.
Bert the cockapoo!
Emmy proudly showing off her Olympic work.
Emmy's final pieces.
Emmy's work in progress.
Phillipa's amazing crystal.
Pip's own maths.
Phillipa is aiming for her milestone badges,
Pip making bubbles.
Bubbles in the sun!
Michael's Olympic fact file.
Michael's fractions.
Zakk's maths.
Zakk's Olympic facts
Michael's writing
Michael's cat invention for sleeping and waking!

Michael's 2.6 Challenge!

Lap 10...done!
Ready, steady go!

Michael (and his Mum) have set themselves the challenge to walk around the lake 26 times during May.  Michael is raising money for Shelter.  In his own words he wants to help people and during this time there are less people out and about that can spare their change to people that are living on the streets.

We are very proud of you Michael! Good luck!yes


UPDATE**** Michael had completed his 26 laps!! Wow!

Photos from w.c 18th May 2020

I solved Michael's homophone wordsearch!
Michael wrote instructions for dodgeball.
Michael's maths- coin and bread+cheese solution
Kaidan's fab drawings.
Kaidan's fractions.
Harrison's amazing 3D space box!
Connie has been pond dipping at school!
Harrison sun safety poster.
Emmy's creative 3D beach box!
Emmy's homophone work.
Zakk learning to tie his laces!
Zakk's learning.
Tudor can now ride his bike!! What an achievement!
Tudor getting creative!
Tudor's factfile.
Tudor baking
Tudor's baking skills
Michael's maths today (Wednesday)
Michael's contractions.
Emmy's butterfly
Emmy's maths today.
Dexter and his maths
Brody's maths
Bethany and her work in school
Connie's drawing
Zakk's updated veg patch
Zakk's work this week
Michael's fox
Michael's neatly presented maths.
Chloe's science update
Emmy's factfile
Pip's updated science
Pip made Kitkat fudge!!

Eddie bouncing away!

Still image for this video

Photos from emails w.c 11/5/20

Pip's orange testing
Orange experiment
Pip's milk test
Stage 2.
Eddie is now the teacher!
Eddie's balancing in maths.
Eddie in his Dad's workshop/garage!
Eddie's cake!!
Amber's awesome self portrait
Amber's writing.
Amber's acrostic poem
The King's science lab!
Harrison's science investigations.
Chloe's science lab!
Zakk's rainbow that has cheered up a lady.
Zakk's maths solutions.
Pip's science experiment with a balloon.
Pip started with a black egg...
Pip's egg turned silver!
Michael's balloon experiment
Michael's maths.
Pancakes in the Turrell household today!
Emmy's literacy ideas.
Emmy's egg!
Michael's egg experiment.
Michael's literacy ideas.
Pip's fizzy egg!
Michael's science lab.
Michael's egg surprise!
Nathan's amazing dragon (from the egg photo)
Phillipa tried the science experiment today!
Pip is waiting for the results!
Phillipa's family have a quiet reading hour.
The Swanborough's VE Day celebrations!
Emmy's science kitchen photos.
Preparing the experiment.
Emmy's scones!

Photos from emails w/c 4th May 2020

Oli's maths
Maja's places list.
Chloe's ladybird
Michael and his bug house.
What a stunning bug house from Michael.
Chloe's 'Thank you' drawing.
Emmy's maths challenge completed!
Another bronze for Harrison!
The King's amazing painted rocks.
Harrison and Fraser adding to the rock line!
Emmy's habitat idea.
Pip's bunting ready for Friday!
Michael's 'Thank you'
Zakk's 'thank you' ideas.
Michael's clever bug house idea
Michael's thank you list.
Michael's amazing portrait
Chloe's bug house idea.
Emmy's fab work.
Phillipa's maths.
Phillipa has been busy on the maths factor website
Michael's mnemonic for disappear.
Zakk's mini olympics.
Check out Zakk's hand peacock.
Zakk's hand tortoise
Zakk's word search using his spellings

Photos from emails 27/4/2020

Harrison's hand art
Harrison's acrostic poems.
Harrison's garden helper robot!
Michael completed all the maths.
Michael has been out catching Pokemon in the rain!
Emmy's hand bunny!
Chloe's hand butterfly.
Millie's creative homework robot - I want one!
Emmy's acrostic poem
Emmy's spelling challenge.
Preston's spellings of the days of the week.
Michael has been hunting and painting rocks.
Chloe's robot remote controlled lawn mower!
Phillipa has completed extra literacy work.
Pip tackled similes!
Michael's cleaning robot!Can I order 1 please?!
Spot Michael's new hairstyle!
The Turrell Olympics has started!
Emmy's acrostic poem.
Emmy's spelling sentences.
Oli made a guitar
Oliver's spellling practice.
Oli and his brother playing
Michael's word search.
Michael's Olympic training!
Emmy's word search.
Chloe sat on her unicorn to complete her work!
Harrison chilling in his pool!
Harrison's word search.
The King Olympics has started!!

Happy Summer Term!cheeky

Thank you for your emails- I will try and answer them each day.  I love to see what you are up to.

Have a peek at your friends below...

Photos from emails WC 20/4/2020

Kaidan's colourful map.
Easter in the Middle's house!
Check out the cake!
Zakk's detailed map.
Zakk's game.
Michael's A-Z challenge.
A proud Emmy and her detailed map.
Emmy and her sisters made a den on the trampoline!
Enjoying the den.
Preston has been out enjoying the weather,
Preston at his work station.
Michael and his Mum have been hunting Pokemon!
Michael's map
Chloe's Reading Egg certificate wall!
Tudor and his detailed map.
Tudor created a maze.
Harrison baked yummy cookies!
WOW! Check out Phillipa's map
Phillipa practised her silly sentences.
Michael invented a game.
Zakk solved the maths problem.
Emmy has been singing the continent song.
Chloe used cards to help her.
Phillipa solved the coin problem with her family!
Mylie made cakes!
Mylie has been practising her spellings.
Eddie hard at work!
Eddies 1 minute write!
Michael's smashed the work so far!
An outdoor office!
Emmy solving the coin maths problem.
Emmy using an atlas.
Happy 8th Birthday Zakk (in the Easter holidays!)
Zakk and his family enjoying the countryside
Boys cooking steak to give Zakk's Mum a rest!
Meet Alfie - Zakk's new kitten!
Michael met the Easter bunny (at a distance!)
Joe Wick's fancy dress Friday
Emmy's instructions.
Let the baking commence!
Mmmmm! Well done the Turrell's!
Chloe's coin solution
Maja's spelllings.
Millie's letter to the NHS
Kaidan busy working at home.
Egg and spoon race!

Hello Pine Class,


Have a well deserved rest for two weeks.  I have phoned everyone in Pine Class (I left messages for a couple of you, no need to call me back)  I just wanted to check that everyone was healthy and happy - parents included!

Now put your feet up, eat chocolate, tell each other jokes, enjoy stories and keep safe.

Missing you all lots and lots.

Love Miss Pretty cheekyx


Pine photos from emails w/c 30/3/20

Nathan used a website called Pixton.
Harrison's Easter comic strip!
Chloe won a colouring competition!Congratulations!
Emmy's action packed Easter story.
Harrison's boat toast tangram.
Emmy's travel plans.
Michael's completed comic strip
Michael and his mum played dodgeball!
Zakk's comic strip
Zakk would miss his TV, bike and other things!
Zakk's toast tangram.
Phillipa's been getting creative for Easter.
Kaidan recommends reading these football books.
Maja wrote sentences using her spellings.
Preston and his writing.
Chloe, working in her pj's!
Phillipa has cheered her neighbours up with a poem
Michael enjoyed the Incredible's activities.
Oli cracked the maths!
Oli's toast tangram.
Amber's facts about America
Emmy made pasta for lunch.
Emmy completed the literacy task.
Nathan's Easter scene.
Preston made the headlines!
Eddie practicing his spellings.
Eddie's work this week.
Kaidan wrote a postcard to Flynn.
Michael's Easter scene.
Butterflies made at school by the Shedd sisters!
Kaidan's happy picture.
Millie is a Maths Factor champion!
Chloe's toast tangram
Mmmm delicious!
Dexter designed an assault course in school
Emmy's toast skills
Oli's postcard from Poland
Zakk improved his postcard from Belgium.
Kaidan in his usual football kit!
Michael solved the maths problem.
Chloe's postcard from Italy.
Oli's Grandma lived on a farm!
What a great idea from Phillipa's family.
Inside the Swanborough food parcel!🍩🍰
Dexter and his butterfly

Pictures of Pine members w/c 23.3.20

Michael playing football.
Emmy's Birthday cake!🎁🎈
Harrison has been researching the Caribbean!😎
Chloe has been active on Reading Eggs.
Michael hard at work!
Emmy's been following Joe Wicks in the mornings!
Tudor found out about China (and pigs!)
The Kings's have tried yoga!
Zakk's found out about Belgium
Check out Michael's sumo wrestler!
Oli's family tree.
Chloe playing swingball in the sun.
A rainbow from Connie
Michael has been writing about Japan!
Spellings from Emmy
Zakk is starting a vegetable plot
Phillipa is finding out about Canada
Eddie weighed out ingredients.