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In Willows we have a very structured day so we know exactly what is expected of us. Work is carefully differentiated to our needs so that we understand the tasks that we are given. We have high expectations and we work hard. We have our own point system that is closely matched to the school's. If we achieve all of our points we earn short learning breaks, where we can choose an activity that we would like to do individually or as a group. We work hard to manage our emotions and use kind words and we always do our best to support each other.

As part of Abbeywood Goes Global we joined Year 3 on their Great Litter Pick. Our task was to clear the rubbish from Forest School and Church Hill Middle's sports field. As you can see we collected bags and bags of litter. What we noticed was the amount of rubbish that was stuck in the hedges and against the fence, (see picture). This is the plastic waste that is thrown everyday in the streets and the on paths outside school. Luckily the recently installed fence stops it blowing into the school grounds but it is still unsightly and quite shocking.

After our litter picking we had a glass of squash and went to see the Hulk litter truck.

The Great Litter Pick