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Remember every hour you participate in clubs in Key Stage 2, it is worth a stamp in your University passport.

Autumn Term 2021

We are proud to have a wide offer of clubs back up and running this term at no charge.


Choir, guitar and 2 after school ball games clubs have been running since the start of term, but we now have even more clubs starting.  Clubs this term have been developed based on feedback from the children, so we have designed our offer to meet the interests and requests of the children.  For the first time we are also running clubs for our youngest children in Early Years. The clubs are aimed at particular year groups and these will change throughout the year to ensure a broad offer for all. Thank you as always to all the teachers who give up their time to run these.  We know how much the children enjoy them and the difference it makes. 


Children can select from:



Ball Games





Mindfulness and Colouring

Board Games

Art and Craft

Play-Doh Modelling


Girls' Football

TTRS (Times Table Rock Stars)

Spring and Summer Term Clubs 2020

Monday Lunch - Knitting Club - Years 3 & 4

                   Colouring Club - Years 1 & 2


Tuesday Lunch - Ocarina Club - Years 3 & 4


Wednesday Lunch - Recorders Club - Years 3 & 4

                       Librarian Club - Years 3 & 4


Wednesday After School - Ball Games - Years 1 & 2 


Thursday Lunch - Choir Years 2,3 & 4

                     Construction Club - Years 1 & 2


Friday Lunch - Board Games - Years 3 & 4


Friday After school - Ball Games -Years 3 & 4

*Reminder – if your child does not attend a club for two consecutive sessions without informing school, then someone on the waiting list will be allocated the place.