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Autumn Term

Santa came to visit.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

He's behind you!!!

Showcase Time

Welcome to our mine.
Things changed after electricity was discovered.
The jobs down the pit were very dangerous.
We examined electrical items...
to see how they fit together and work.
We made moving pictures...
to show how vacuum cleaners work.
Which is quickest and easiest?
The hand whisk, balloon whisk or electrical whisk?

Visit to the Black Country Museum

Collecting water for the garden.
An outside toilet!
A gusunda!
Growing vegetables.
No taps in this house ...
or radiators!
Families kept their own pigs.
We learnt a song - Chick chick chick chick chicken
Ready to go down the mine ...
and feeling brave!
We met the mine owner...
and the Butty.
Getting the coal out of the mine.
Children would have to work at sorting the coal.
Coal was carried in barges along the canal.
Making chains was hard work.
Lunch time.
Nothing in this shop uses electricity!
A soap dispenser.
A potato masher.
A butter churner.
A washing machine ....
and drier!
A vacuum cleaner!
We tasted the chips.
The sweets looked delicious.
Schools have changed a lot.

Investigating magnets

Children in Need

Pudsey bear came to visit.

Gravity vs Friction

We created a fair test
We wanted to know ...
which surface creates the most friction.
We rolled cars down slopes with different material
We placed a block at the edge of a smooth surface
then carefully lifted it up.
When the block began to slide...
we measured to see how high our slope was.

Keyboard skills

Still image for this video
We can play tunes on notes C and D and follow the accompaniment.

Making We-Do models

We followed the instructions carefully ...
to make our lego model.
Then we connected our model to the ipad.
We programmed the model ...
then watched it go!


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Planting bulbs

The Church Hill Big Local were planting bulbs.
They asked for our help.
Look out for all the snow drops.

A visiting bee keeper

Mrs Pretty keeps bees.
She brought one of her hives in ...
and told us all about keeping bees...
and gathering honey.

Discussing the business of ...

Keyboard skills with Mrs Brannelly


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We start off playing the note 'C'.

Making pictures move

We looked carefully at pop-up books.
Then we had a go...
Some have flaps,
some of them slide and...
some of them turn.