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Writing support documents- Common spelling word list.

(Helpful hint: If you are finding our Year 3 spellings tough, use the spellings for Year 2 found at the back of your reading diary)

13th July Home Learning 

Here is the weekly Home Learning for w/c Monday 13th July. There is an overview in black and white at the end of the document should you wish to print it, and there is a PDF version in case you don't have access to Microsoft products.The Art Project for the week 2 is on a separate document.


Any questions about the learning, please get in touch on

We love to see your work so keep sending it to your class email

Puzzling Problems wc 6th July - some of these were tricky - you can find the answers here!


The top 3 participants for Reading Eggs this month (June) so far are:

Harrison 26 hours!! 

Phillipa 22 hours!!

Tudor 20 hours!!


The top 3 participants for Reading Eggspress this month so far are:

Tudor 35 hours!!

Phillipa 15 hours!!

Connie 13 hours!!


The top 3 participants for Mathletics this month so far are:

Phillipa 4 hours 56 minutes!!

Amber 2 hours 23 minutes!!

Eddie 2 hours 10 minutes!!


yesA massive congratulations to all children who have logged on to either of these programs.  But the overall winner is angelPhillipaangel who has completed 41 hours and 56 minutes of learning. I wonder if anyone can match her times?cheeky

yesREADING EGG CERTIFICATES EARNED:(last checked 12/5/20)  yes

Chloe 13!

Phillipa 6

Harrison 4

Flynn 3

Connie 2

Kaidan 2

Zakk 1

Eddie 1



Michael 7 bronze, 2 silver!

Phillipa 6 bronze, 2 silver!

Nathan 1 bronze, 2 silver

Harrison 3 bronze

Zakk 3 bronze

Eddie 2 bronze

All these children have gained 1 bronze certificate: Megan, Tudor, Brody, Chloe, Bethany, Amber, Connie and Emmy.

Well done to everyone!!



Morning Pine Classcool. Last day of work before a whole week off!! I have been in school all week and it's very quiet without you all. I miss you all.  Have a lovely half term in the sun! I have put some learning tasks below for today. PLUS....I have a special task that a lot of parents have requested... you must all have tidy bedrooms by 4PM tonight! (No cheating and hiding stuff under your bed or in a wardrobe!) Happy tidying!!Haha!! Love Miss P xyes


A present for you all!

An adult at Abbeywood will be dropping off a diary to you all. It might be me or it could be someone else. 

Diary drops so far!

Art- Have you heard about the positivity rock line forming in Redditch?  The aim is to create a line of over 8000 painted rocks to claim a world record. If you can, get a stone and paint a design on it.  It can be anything you want.  The line of rocks is near the 5 Tunnels in the River Arrow.  It even has its own Facebook page.  If you can't add it to that line then why not put it on your drive/garden for others to enjoy.


Hello Pine Class,

Both Millie and Phillipa have recommended using a different maths site called The Maths Factor.  It is free to sign up and there are some good challenges on it.  Try it out!

Here are Wednesday's tasks.  Nearly half way through the week already!  I have renewed my first aid certificate today and I am off for a run as I have been sat at my laptop for too long! XXXX

Maths - Plus practice your times tables.  Focus on a times table and write them out.  Practice reading them out.  Challenge yourself to write them in a different order.

Try this website:

Hi Pine Class!

We are both working hard to put the best learning opportunities for you on here. Each day we will add new activities for you to have a go at and new challenges for you to explore. Just try your best and have fun!


There is a list of websites that you and your families might find useful. Parents, there are lots of hints and tips below for you too including things that you can all do together as a family.



All phonics resources and planning are now free


First News- 7-11yrs school newspaper giving free resources and a free digital issue.


All the reading books we have in school in an online library. Just choose your age and off you go.

You do need to sign up but its easy.



There is now a home learning tab on White Rose which we use to support maths in school

This is an American site but the key calculations are the same



There are free resources for parents and children to stay active


These BBC resources help with cross curricular learning but include movement


Outdoors (for those who can safely) EYFS


Lots of online videos that help keep children active inside and also teach mindfulness and meditation


Joe Wicks has recorded various 5 minute fitness activities aimed at primary school children

He is also doing at PE lesson on his youtube channel each morning at 9am.



Songs and activities related to geography



These are a set of American videos but useful to explain key scientific concepts


Sign up for free for lots of amazing science support and clear ideas of how to run an activity


This website has interesting animations and support


Planning/teaching stuff

Plan Bee have produced free home learning packs

Interactive activities covering a whole range of subjects and

year groups

Huge treasure trove of activities that cover a whole range of

subjects. Also holds links to games etc that are hosted by other sites.

A new picture is shared each day to provoke discussion, debate or

writing ideas