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Welcome to Elm Class!



In Elm class we are very lucky to have different grown ups that work in our class to support our learning journey. 

Mrs Mills loves to teach us in Year 2 and is our main teacher. Mrs Matthews and Miss White work in our class and help us with phonic and maths groups too!

Whilst Mrs Garside teaches us on a Monday morning.

General timetable:

Mondays: PE

Tuesdays: Swimming

Wednesdays: PE 


Fridays:PE Spelling assessment and new spellings are stuck inside planners.


PE: Please make sure that children always have a PE kit in school.

On this day....

Our learning journey has been centred around a specific day in history.

In Year 2 we decided to choose the 10th April 1912, the day the Titanic set sail on its infamous journey. It will help us to think hard, learn new vocabulary and succeed in all of our learning.


Titanic setting sail from Southampton

Titanic at the dock side and Titanic's captain Edward Smith

Skills we will be building


Just how large was the Titanic?

During our learning we have looking at true and false statements about the Titanic.

We were able to investigate and find evidence from 3 posters.


But we wanted to go further....we wanted to know exactly how large the Titanic was from the bow to stern. So we looked it up to was 269m. However, that didn't help either as we didn't know what that looked like. We had to measure it!

Using a trundle wheel we went up and down the width of the school field, 2 and 2/3 times. Phew! It was enormous!


Launch Party before the Titanic set sail