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This term we have been looking at hibernation. We found out that lots of animals hibernate in the winter. We decided we would help the animals this winter by creating a warm, cosy place for them to hibernate. Following our research into hibernation, we decided to work towards creating a home for the insects. We first thought about what materials would work best for our bug hotels. We decided that the best material to make our bug hotel out of would be plastic. We now knew what materials we were going to use. We then began the design process which allowed us to really think about how we were going to put our hotels together.

We then had a surprise visit from the animal man. He heard that we needed to find out some more information about animals and very kindly brought some animals for us to meet! We learnt all about the different types of animals and got the chance to hold some. Some of us were even brave enough to hold the tarantula, including Miss Paiano! What different types of animals can you spot? Our favourite animal was the barn owl because it had really soft feathers.   

We then started to make our bug hotels using old plastic bottles that we had recycled. We filled our bottles with sticks, grass and leaves to make it nice and cosy for the insects to hibernate in. We made sure our bug hotels were packed in tightly to make sure nothing would fall out. Some of us attached string to them so that we could hang them up high. We then went outside to look for good places to place our bug hotels. We hung some up in the trees and others we placed down low in the bushes. Birch class have done an excellent job at making bug hotels this half term. They have worked extra hard and used all of their knowledge to make sure that the insects have a comfortable place to hibernate this winter.