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School Council

Meet the New School Council at Abbeywood.

A school council is a group of children who are elected to represent the views of all pupils and to improve their school. We have two representatives from each class.  Miss Pretty and Gordon Potter help with the meetings.

Next meeting -TBC April 2020 (After Easter holidays)

During our first meeting the new reps were welcomed, given badges and a book to record their questions and issues.


Picture 1 Oak
Picture 2 Birch
Picture 3 Birch
Picture 4 Elm
Picture 5 Elm
Picture 6 Maple
Picture 7 Maple
Picture 8 Pine
Picture 9 Pine
Picture 10 Beech
Picture 11 Beech
Picture 12 Cedar
Picture 13 Cedar
Picture 14 Gordon
Picture 15 Miss Pretty