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Summer Term

We are learning all about the Roman Invasion of Britain

The Celts are working in their village.
Oh no! Here come the Romans.

Making armour for a Roman Centurion

Roman mosaics

The Romans made mosaic pictures and patterns.
We used shells and tiles to create our own.

Metamorphosis in action

The butterflies emerged from their chrysalis.
We fed them sweet, juicy fruit.
They used their proboscis to suck up the juice.
We waited for a sunny day...
then it was time to let them go.
One found a flower straight away.
Some of them needed a helping hand.
Then they were free to continue their life cycle.

In Science we are learning about life cycles

Our baby caterpillars arrived.
They grew a lot in one week.
They're starting to hang from the top of the tub.

We labelled the parts of a flower

In PE we have been trying sports as they would be in the Invictus games.

We started off with a team building challenge.
We could only use our hands.
We were not allowed to stand up.

Each day we tried something different to make ourselves feel good ...

On Monday we did a drumming workshop.
On Tuesday we created a whole school dance.
On Wednesday we sang together.
On Friday we did yoga.