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Home-Schooling - Well-being for you and your child

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Tips to help cope with children at home

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Supporting home-learning routines checklist

Oracy + Talk for Learning


As I am sure you are well aware, talk is used constantly in our classrooms to deepen our children's learning. Visitors to our school are always amazed at how highly skilled they are.

We would love it if they could keep this going as much as possible while learning at home with you. Please see the document below that shares some ways to use discussion to ensure your child achieves their best over the coming weeks with you. 

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Tips to help with planning education at home

  1. Plan you daily schedule around the school day to keep things consistent
  2. Get up and get dressed as usual this helps to be in the right mindset for learning.
  3. Set ground rules around the use of technology/gaming devices during the day.
  4. Find a suitable place that learning can take place within your home.
  5. Design a daily timetable together, adults and children will then know what is happening and when.
  6. Focus on the core subjects there are lots of creative ways this can be done, lots of free websites.
  7. Build in regular break times and lunch (try setting aside snacks for the day and a drinks bottle).
  8. Go outside when you can this is good for mental wellbeing and release of energy.
  9. Look after yourself in your new role and make sure you have a break.
  10. Keep to regular bedtimes your children will still need their sleep, to stay focused on their home learning.