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Pictures of your learning

Aboriginal Art. Miss Resuggan had a go - where's yours!

Striking a pose in the woods...
but still making time for some school work.
A clear bag design Dexter.
Your final result is wonderful.
A pretty clock to match your smile Isla.
Good luck with this haiku entry to the competition
and Modern Olympics.  Fascinating facts Dexter.
This Olympic logo really works Elsie.
A wonderful diary entry for an Olympian, Stefan.
William got creative with a famous piece of art.
Amy's amazing Olympic wreath.
Jakub is an Olympic champion!
Elsie is a winner with her Olympic wreath.
Some beautiful leaf printing.
Salt crystals worked the best for Elsie.
Dancing raisins???
An Olympic champion.
Learning a new skill.
Far better than gold, silver or bronze!
Creative 3x table.
Beautiful leaf picture Dexter...
And I love your story.
Good tips for keeping safe in the sun.
Your story is full of suspense Ethan.
It's Immy's turn to be the mad scientist.
She made rain clouds out of...
shaving foam!!!
Lovely leaf butterfly Jakub.
Another crazy scientist.
Wow!  What is it Lena?
Time to relax after all that hard work.
Being a scientist...
can be quite messy Will!
Good.  That one worked.
A campsite in a box.
Fab cartoon animals Will.
Amy is an expert on ladybugs and ...
building the Eiffel Tower.  Amazing!
A mad scientist at work!
What is this incredible creation Ethan?
Elsie has been busy making ...
bug shelters...
portraits of Boris Johnson. I think he'd love this
You've been so creative Isobelle.
Your model garden is beautiful.
Celebrating VE day.
This rock is beautifully painted Jakub...
and I  love your design for a bug shelter.
Stefan is designing his creature from the egg...
and relaxing on VE day.
Dexter has also been a busy scientist.

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Amazing Spiderman rock, Dexter.
Can you spot Elsie's rocks?
Your self portrait is fantastic Isla.
Lena was being creative with hand print animals.
Love this mini-beast shelter design William.
There are some lucky bugs in your garden Lena.
What an accurate drawing of the world Sonny.
Elsie made a growing tissue rainbow.
Isobelle was busy over Easter.
Love that spider Amy.
Nerf Knockdown ...
That sounds exciting Dexter.
Elsie had some caterpillars...
they eventually emerged as butterflies.
Elsie released them on her birthday.
Happy Birthday Elsie xx
I love your Easter story Lena.
What beautiful painted stones.
You've taken so much care over this Sonny.
William's map of the world.
A super study of London Daisy.
Love your family tree Ethan.
Toast fox tangrams.
Good bit of maths Jakub.
Can you guess what Jakub had for breakfast?


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DY 1.MP4

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I hope these dreams come true Dexter.
I like your Mum's taste in music Dexter.
What a wonderful place to visit Felicity.
Have any of you spotted Isla's rainbow?
Bring on the next Milestone Badge Miley.
On a walk by the beach...
Miley and her family...
were involved in rescuing a seal!
Will researched Australia.
I love this family tree William.
A lovely card to one of your class mates Sonny.
Love your Canadian grey wolf, Amy.
I do hope these all come true.
What plants are you and Dottie growing, Elsie?
Save one for me!
Did you go all the way to the top Isla?
Year 5 and 6 words! Wow!


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Dexter is discovering Hollywood.
Elsie is learning all about Kenya.
A model of a Masai house.
Have you spotted the rainbow trail?
I hope you're not cooking the worms Elsie!
I love this family tree Jakub.
Sonny is exploring Egypt!
Stefan is enjoying the sunshine.