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Attention Choir members. There is a change of plan for Choir tomorrow. We will not be using Zoom. Adults, please email me on , I will then use your email to send an invitation to join the Choir via Microsoft Teams a guest.  You do not need to have the Teams app installed on your device. When you click on the link you will see a button that says "Join on the web instead". Click on that and you should get into the meeting.

REMINDER: email me on if your child wants to take part in the choir sessions  

Welcome back Elm! The sun is shining and we are ready for a new term of learning. I have been looking forward to setting some new challenges for us all. If you haven't emailed to say hi or let me know how you are doing please do is the address you need and it would be great to hear from you. Thanks also to my regular emailers please keep it up!


Mrs Mills

Meaningful May

Meaningful May 1

In our Year 2 class, Elm Class, we are passionate about learning. We like to learn inside and outside, exploring the world around us and finding out new information. Please check in with the website to see what we have been up to recently!


Also, we have our daily track laps to keep us healthy, along with PE and Swimming. On a Tuesday morning, we go swimming and we have a PE session every other day of the week. So please leave your PE kits in school. 

Your Elm Class Team are.......

Your Elm Class Team are....... 1 Mrs Mills
Your Elm Class Team are....... 2 Mrs Hudson
Your Elm Class Team are....... 3 Mrs Cooke

Spring 2020

The Business of....Showbusiness

The Business of.....Show business! Look at what we will be learning this term.

Transition Days....becoming Y2

Transition Days....becoming Y2 1
Transition Days....becoming Y2 2
Transition Days....becoming Y2 3
Transition Days....becoming Y2 4
Transition Days....becoming Y2 5
Transition Days....becoming Y2 6
Transition Days....becoming Y2 7
Transition Days....becoming Y2 8
Transition Days....becoming Y2 9
Transition Days....becoming Y2 10

The Business of.....SHOW!

As a school theme we are looking into the business of the jobs world and how we can explore different careers and paths based on our skills and interests. We are specifically looking into what skills we would need for each job. As Elm have the special task of a Harvest Festival musical to perform, we talked to the children and decided we would explore the world of show biz!

Harvest Festival is 9:00am on 2nd October 2019

Place Value fun!

Place Value fun! 1
Place Value fun! 2
Place Value fun! 3
Place Value fun! 4
Place Value fun! 5

Collaboration is the key!

Collaboration is the key! 1
Collaboration is the key! 2
Collaboration is the key! 3
Collaboration is the key! 4
Collaboration is the key! 5

Making Music

As part of the show business topic we were able to perform our music in harvest assembly. We practiced by looking at the layering of sound and the timbre (or texture) of eahc one. We were also able to lok at rhythm and neing 'in time' with one another.

Composing Music

Composing Music 1
Composing Music 2
Composing Music 3
Composing Music 4

Representing Numbers in different Ways

It important to represent numbers in a variety of ways using different objects and formats to sort them.

Here, we have been using the CPA approach to mathematics- Concrete (using 'things' to show) Pictorial (using drawings/jottings to show our ideas) and Abstract (where we use just the numerical representation but know it means that amount). This is a key building block and one we return to in manay maths sessions when working on or exploring new concepts.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Exploring through Art!

Today was very exciting as we explored the combining of colours and colour mixing through our fruit. We have been preparing the fruit and vegetable representations as part of our Harvest Assembly preparations.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

RE- discussing a place of worship.

RE- discussing a place of worship. 1
RE- discussing a place of worship. 2
RE- discussing a place of worship. 3
RE- discussing a place of worship. 4
RE- discussing a place of worship. 5

Opera Jobs: Costume department (part 1) ǀ English National Opera

From the design process to the stage, see how the ENO Costume Department source, design and make the costumes for our productions. Part 1 of this series looks at how designers approach creating the costumes for new and revived productions.

Opera Jobs: Costume department (part 2) ǀ English National Opera

From the design process to the stage, see how the ENO Costume Department source, design and make the costumes for our productions. Part 2 looks at how our costume department go about making the costumes once they have been designed.

Opera Jobs: Costume department (part 3) ǀ English National Opera

From the design process to the stage, see how the ENO Costume Department source, design and make the costumes for our productions. Part 3 looks at how the Running Wardrobe department make sure the costumes look just as the designer intended on stage.

Costume Making

We have looked at the process that the English National Opera go through to create costumes and we were inspired to take those job roles for ourselves.

Using our design brief and the m,odd board we had created Elm class designed their own costumes. We started by sketching a design to make a plan and then we used the plan to develop the 'real thing'.

We all started with a pillowcase but we could decide to turn that pillow case into any costume we wanted. The only rules were it had to cover our bodies, it had to be harvest themed and we had to join different materials together.

It was very tricky but we were able to work as a team to produces some high quality and stunning pieces.

We even had a tiara made by one of our students! Good work Elm.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

Finding all the ways to make 20

We worked practically to find all ways to make 20 using our number rods.

We would make patterns and investigated how best we could work systematically.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Children in Need 2019

We were so lucky to have Pudsey come to visit our school. We were able to all raise money for this fantastic charity that helps members of our community and children all over the UK.


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

Thank you schools

Schools up and down the country have been hard at work raising money for Pudsey

Which roles are important to the audience?

Today we sorted the different jobs that are part of running a Theatre. We debated which ones affected the audience and which we thought didn't and there were some strong opinions that were presented clearly. It was amazing to hear the arguments being put forward by different members of our class and built upon by others. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Sorry for the blurry photos!

Sorry for the quality of these images but it shows how much we love to dance! We have been using the dance Kidzbop on youtube to help us through these rainy days where we can't get outside to run our daily mile. 

Try it our at home below!

Picture 1
Picture 2

KIDZ BOP Kids - KIDZ BOP Shuffle (Dance Along)

Get movin' with Ashlynn, Matt, & Grant to "KIDZ BOP Shuffle"! Then, show us how YOU stay active by posting a video with the hashtag, #MoveItMarch.

Talk for Writing- The Bear and the Piano

There has been some amazing writing coming from Elm Class this week! Mrs Mills had to do LOTS of dancing. It has been really brilliant to see each writer recall the key phrases from the story and adapt it for themselves. It has been excellent to see the application of the skills we have been practicing. Mrs Mills wanted to upload the work from every book, it was so fantastic. Great work Elm!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3