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Spring Term

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Making Bug Hotels

We had to collect material to keep bugs happy.
Leaves and pine cones are perfect.
Bark and old bricks are good.
Bugs love moss.
Then we needed the big stuff to give it a frame.
Then we were ready to build.
Some visitors couldn't wait!

Year 3 planted 80 saplings on the school grounds.

The saplings are ready to plant.
We had to choose our tool.
Finding the best place to plant is important.
Then you dig the hole.
Plant the sapling in the hole.
Push the cane in to support the sapling.
Fit the cover to protect it from bugs.
Now leave it to grow.

Abbeywood Invictus Games

After the RSPB Bird watch, we wanted to attract more birds to our school grounds so we made bird feeders.

We created a tasty feast for birds...
covered our cardboard tubes with lard...
rolled the tube in the bird seed...
attached the perches...
then hung them outside.

For this term's topic, we want to help our local wildlife so took part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.

We stayed very quiet,
used our identification sheets,
looked very carefully
used binoculars,
and kept a record of what we saw.

We are doing yoga which helps to build our core strength and teaches us relaxation and focusing techniques.

We are creating our own stretches and balances.
This is called the Rock.
Aston created the Titanic.
Lucie thought of Rock Roll.
Chloe's stretch is called Rainbow Bridge...
and this one is called Teardrop.
Mickie created Sky Dive.
Mollie and Darcey made Balance Bridge.
Callum and George created Penguins.
Harry worked with Sam and made Lazy Lizard.
This is The Bridge in the Middle of the Sea.
Lucie and Heidi created Partner Pose.
Time to relax.