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Food Bank



The Redditch Food Bank can now be found next door to NatWest Bank and opposite the Library. 

Food will now distribute food parcels ONLY from this centralised location.


Number 24

Church Green East


B98 8DE


See Googe maps


Open Monday to Thursday 11:00-14:00 and Friday 10:00-13:00


During the current pandemic measures Redditch Food Bank will only operate a limited service of food parcels only; without any of the wrap around functions. 


Clients will be asked to wait away from the front door, give us the e-voucher number. We will then ask them to wait whilst we check the voucher details and prepare the food parcel. Once ready we will open the door place the parcel on the floor for the client to collect once the door has closed, 


If the client is in isolation for any reason or they have COVID-19 symptoms then they will need someone to fetch the food parcel. This could be a friend, yourselves or one of the volunteers. 



When you raise e-vouchers you can now generate a number only voucher for Redditch Foodbank (Number 24). 

  • In the process you get a choice of Generating a code only referral or printed voucher (see screenshot attached). 
  • If you click number only then you should see Number 24 as one of the food banks.
  • You will be presented with a screen that displays the voucher number in the format N 99999 99999
  • Share this number with the client, we may ask for identity to be shown.
  • There is nothing to print, nor any pdf to save.




Please email if you would like any support