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Maths at Abbeywood

At Abbeywood, we designed a calculation policy to ensure smooth progression, with clear models and images that develop as the children's understanding deepens. 


The policy aims to support children's understanding of maths consistently throughout their education.

Multiplication Tables Check-Information for parents workshop.


Thank you to all those who attended the MTC information session. The powerpoint and Times Tables Games and Strategies booklet are available for you. We will keep you updated on further developments as we receive them.

Multipication Table Check Powerpoint



We have once agiain subscribed to Mathletics for all pupils from Year 1 through to Year 4. Your child will be set home learning activities on this as well as being able to take part in Mathematical games online. Children have their own login details in their school diary. Part of the school subscription allows parents to receive weekly reports by email which will keep you updates on your child's progress on Mathletics.


Children earn points when they successfully complete Live Mathletics and Curriculum Content within Mathletics. Children gain points for each correct answer. 


Each week 1 child or class will be awarded Super Mathlete of the week. They will be presented with a certificate and trophy and their photograph displayed on the Abbeywood Superstars board.


Some of our Super Mathletes




Times Table Milestone Badges


Children need to know their times tables up to x12 by the end of year 4. Children are given daily opportunities to develop their times tables knowledge in various ways. Children need to recall their multiplication facts, forwards, backwards and jumbled up so that they can work out related division facts. Children need consistent practice and plenty of repetition to develop resilience and perseverance. Children learn through games, challenges, songs, arrays, patterns and using Times Table Rock Stars and Mathletics.


When ready,children are informally tested by Mrs Frost in an oral test for each milestone. If they achieve a milestone they are presented with their badge in assembly which they can wear on their uniform and their photo displayed on the Abbeywood Superstars board.


Milestone 1    x2, x5 and x10 and related division facts (up to x12)



Milestone 2   x3, x4, and x8 and related division facts (up to x12) 


Milestone 3   x6, x7, x9, x11 and x12 and related division facts (up to x12)