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A letter to Santa

This week we have been getting festive in Reception! We have written a letter to Santa to tell him what we would like for Christmas. We then walked to the postbox to post our letters. 

We also received a letter from a sneaky elf who was hiding in our classroom. He said he's watching us to see if we can stay on the nice list...


We have recently been gaining a deeper understanding that one number can be made up from (composed from) two or more smaller numbers. Partitioning numbers into other numbers and putting them back together again helps support understanding of addition and subtraction as inverse operations.
The children have initially started working at their understanding of this through the number 3. We have looked at all the different ways we can make three, using a part whole model as shown in the pictures. The children separate the whole number into different ‘parts’ and can visually see those groups can be recombined to make the same total.
We have then explored having a go at writing what we have learnt as addition number sentences.


We have been learning about Remembrance Day in Reception. 

We have discussed why it is important and that we wear poppies to remember the brave soldiers who have fought in wars. 

We have looked at picture books telling stories of people in the war, looked carefully at real war time medals and also learned how animals helped to send messages and carry injured soldiers.

We also learned about rationing and even baked out own honey biscuits using a wartime recipe! 

We also carefully cut out poppies and wore them when taking part in the two minute silence.



We have been learning all about Diwali.
We have learnt the story of Rama and Sita, looked at how Diwali is celebrated, created rangoli art and also our own diya lamps. 
We practised our fine motor skills, building the muscles in our fingers in order to mould the clay and get it the perfect shape to fit our candles.

Forest School

Reception are loving exploring the pathways, autumn leaves, habitats and most definitely the mud patches at Forest School this term!

Traditional Tales

This term we will be exploring traditional tales. We will start with the Three Billy Goats Gruff, where we will be working in collaboration with one another building bridges for the goats. We will also be using this time to explore our own feelings and discuss why the troll might be so angry!

Starting Reception

We have had a great time getting to know new friends and exploring the Reception class over the past two weeks. Have a look below at the fun we've been up to!