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Summer Term

This term is all about the feel good factor.  What makes us feel good and how can we make sure we make ourselves and others feel happy.

We will be trying out new activities to help boost our minds.  So far we have tried drumming, singing, dance, mindful colouring, games, sit down volleyball and yoga.

Eating our harvest!

Dodgeball match v Beoley

Harvesting potatoes!

18 frogs now released! Stuart, Steve, Christine, Mike, Elizabeth, Joy, Jumpy, Amanda, Patricia, Jeffy, Veronica, Jack, Frank, Kane, Stephanie, Jo, Star and Bobby!

Orienteering with Sam

Wedo Lego coding. 25.6.19

Releasing our frogs! Stuart and Steve!

Measuring trees!

Cricket practice (indoor due to the rain) 7.6.19

Golf tournament. 5.6.19

Human maths! 10.5.19

Feel Good Factor!